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Aura colour analyzer
let us look at what the different colours (or vibrations) can represent.

 The first colour in the visible spectrum. Red relates to the base chakra.
This is the colour of the physical. Red is passion, vitality, sex, strength of will
and beginnings. Without red, nothing will ever get started on this planet.

The colour of ambition and drive. A person with orange in their aura will 
find self-expression important. Orange relates to original and lateral thought. 
Artistic and creative skills can be finely tuned by wearing this colour.

 Every shade of yellow indicates a function of our intellect. From 
the deviousness of mustard yellow to the pure thought of golden yellow. This 
colour also relates to variability, radiance and the smile.

The central colour of the spectrum. Green is the balance between the yin and the yang. 
We can use green for healing ourselves, for nurturing and compassion. Persistance and 
self-esteem are relevant with this colour. The Heart Chakra.

 From blue comes sensitivity, and commitment. It is the colour 
of truth, loyalty, calmness and love in friendship. 
Listening and communication are enhanced. A time of great peace can be 
around you. Just accept it and enjoy it.

 Actually a combination of blue and violet. Indigo relates to having
opportunities for better communication with your inner self. A person with this colour
can be trusting of the future and inspirational to others.


 The magical, mystical colour. Great opportunities for spiritual 
searching and ultimately deeper connection with spirit. Abilities of charm, 
eroticism and enchantment are enhanced.

 All the colours put together. With white in our aura we have the 
ability to see things in a wholistic way. We can use the energies of all 
the colours from the fire of red through to the mystery of violet. A time
of great spiritual motivation and faith.
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